Final Fantasy IV Creator Discusses The "Interlude" Episode In The PSP Remake

Siliconera: For Final Fantasy IV’s interlude episode can you tell us more about why you wanted to focus on the restoration of Damacyan Castle?

Takahashi Tokita, Director: It made sense as a natural flow that everyone in the party gathered back at Damacyan Castle one year later. By gathering together, it allowed players to create parties they couldn’t make in the original story.

Can you give any more hints about the story in the Interlude?

It starts at Damacyan, but it goes to Fabul. There you will see some characters from The After Years. So, if you played The After Years you might get a kick out of seeing those the characters.

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zeal0us2586d ago

Kinda wish they would done the remake with upgraded graphics like the ds version ff, I know the psp has the power, so why don't they.