Zelda's Legacy Reaches 25 Years

"Well it is officially Zelda's 25th anniversary, 25 years of bows and arrows, bombs, the triforce, and green tunics. The Zelda franchise has been experienced by gamers across the globe. The franchise has shaped the industry; it was the first open world game and one of the first games that allowed you to save your progress. In later years, mechanics such as 3D puzzle solving and lock-on targeting came from the Zelda franchise. In this retrospective, is going to go over almost every Zelda game and how the series has progressed."

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Nick2120042703d ago

There is no debating that this franchise has has had a LARGE impact on the gaming industry as we know it today.

christheredhead2703d ago

im hoping that nintendo releases a 25th anniversary zelda game similair to the mario 25th anniversary. legend of zelda, a link to the past, links awakening and maybe oracle of seasons/ages?. that would be pretty cool on 1 wii disk or maybe for the ds.

killajd2703d ago

I loved the first Zelda game that was on the Nin 64 and that was the only one I liked. I played that game for weeks upon weeks exploring everything and finding all the secrets to be had. Now those where the good days!!!

eagle212703d ago

Such an excellent franchise. No...LEGENDARY. :)

Titanz2703d ago

And I'm sure many others have also.

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