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Dart892527d ago

Got SFA2 and wwe all stars demo.

Warprincess1162527d ago

Yay im currently downloading Socom. I can't wait to play it.

acemonkey2527d ago

Me too, but like to play WWE all stars, WAR WARRIOR

DelbertGrady2526d ago

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

tman6922527d ago

I'm not a plus member but I was lucky enough to of gotten a code directly from Zipper interactive on twitter. You should follow! This means I also have an extra kz3 code that will unlock next week. follow me @tman692 and ask for the code and I'll pick a random winner.

BigMassacre2527d ago

Reverie and Legend of Mana? Great update with those alone.

Son_Lee2527d ago

Legend of Mana!! Never played it, but alas, I gotta wait till next weekend when I have me some monies. Oh well, looking forward to that and all the great PSOne Classics that have been coming out!

cochise3132527d ago

I usually don't do DLC, but I have to have the Castlevania DLC.

Dart892527d ago

In my opinion the castlevania dlc is very well put not like most dlc that should be in the game from launch.

cochise3132527d ago

Yeah I've been waiting on it. The game was quite long,so I'm sure this is fresh DLC. And this wasn't announced before the game released like some companies do.

callahan092527d ago

Why the hell is PS Move Heroes a 10.5 gb download? That's just craziness. I played the demo and it seemed super unpolished. It was just a couple of small-world mini-games, minimalistic presentation with a small sampling of voice recordings that repeat themselves over and over, etc. I don't see how the full game could be so much bigger and improved over the demo, and if it indeed isn't, how the hell does it require so much space?

jneul2526d ago

maybe because a demo doesn't represent a full game duh....

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The story is too old to be commented.