Why The Next Few Days Will Be Some of the Longest Yet

Baxy-Z discusses why the wait for the 3DS over the next few days will be some of gamer's longest days yet. A quote from the article:

"Even though we've been waiting just over a year to get our hands on the world's first portable 3D gaming device, the last few days are proving to be very long-winded in preparation. But why is it the last few days are ticking by at an incredibly slow pace? For me, it's the onslaught of media coverage its been getting."

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Abash2589d ago

I have no problem waiting for my 3DS to be delivered, I doubt I'll be getting my first 3DS till the summer or fall

eagle212589d ago

I watch youtube unboxings and helps ease the wait. Nintendo has a huge hit on their hands. HUGE! :)

coryok2589d ago

i dont see it, what makes you want this? which game makes you want to buy it? i just dont see the software yet

eagle212588d ago

June makes me want one. Ocarina 3D (june release) and Kid Icarus: Uprising. I do admit that Pokemon Black will sell my 3DS to me initially. But E3 is June 7th or 9th....and you will want one after

coryok2588d ago

ya lol, i want the ocarina remake also, but right now i really only want the 3ds... but the 3ds cant do much, its just hardware lol.

i want a few games that have been announced but i dont want to buy it just to buy it, i want to buy it to play games which wont be released for a while.

the backwards compatibility is nice, but i have a ds, hell i have two ds', i can play my ds games on those lol