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"...While the original game may not have made it to the 360 and PS3 (at least, not yet; but there's always hope, right?). Crysis 2 is making that nanosuit-boosted leap through the air to the console market in a brilliant and impressive manner."

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dbjj120882706d ago

Can't wait to pick this game up later today.

BK-2012706d ago

This is completely unrelated but I just noticed that Metacritic has already added that bullshit thunderbolt review of 5/10 for KZ3. I don't understand why people can't see how biased the media is against the PS3.

Ducky2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

... maybe because they review a lot of games?

They gave KZ2 an 8, and UC2 a 9... so not exactly anti-ps3 bias.

I'll agree that 5/10 is too low for KZ3, but it's their opinion and they gave their reasons and felt the faults were grave enough.

BK-2012706d ago

I find it funny that they uploaded the score almost instantly when they normally ignore any other high scores I saw coming in for KZ3. Its pure bias.

iamgoatman2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Yep, 100% agree, you're absolutely correct, that was definitely unrelated.

Marked as off-topic :)

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Sev2706d ago

I just can't get excited about it. Crytek talked way too much shit.

starchild2706d ago

Indeed. Lack of DirectX 11 support and inability to adjust AA is the only blemish in an otherwise fantastic package.

Consolers should be happy they get to play a decent version of one of the best looking and best playing shooters around.

cooperdnizzle2706d ago

Starchild what the hell game did you play? Best playing hahaha more like good looking game one of the worst game play games. It is boring and has nothing original to it. I don't even know how i sat through to beat it! Its really boring. One of the worst games i've played. Its funny how people think this game is good, Fanboys will say anything!

iamgoatman2706d ago


"Fanboys will say anything!"

The irony, IT HURTS!

byeGollum2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

that's your fault for being gullible not Crytek's

stormeagle62706d ago

Are you high? He said he DIDN'T get excited because they talked too much shit. That's the opposite of gullibility.

byeGollum2706d ago

i'm high on Crysis2
can't say the same for you or sev :D

cooperdnizzle2706d ago

Dude you can't be a fan boy if ya play almost every game that comes out! People on this site are just haters and fan boys. They will like what ever you tell them too!

Rhezin2706d ago

.....yeah that and sarah maglauglugin.