The RRoD Survival Kit!

So you've got the RRoD. What do you do now? Well, guess what?

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stunt2133755d ago

LMAO, this sh*t is so funny and true

dale13755d ago

this could be xboxs biggest seller to date

Xbox is the BEST3755d ago

that with the RROD the 360 still outselling the Blu ray player worldwide.

Barreldragon003755d ago

i know somethng at $300-400 is selling more then something at $500-600 and something at 250 is out selling something at $300-400 amazing.

3755d ago
EZCheez3755d ago

I just hope people take this for the JOKE that it really is.

I love the phone with the big X, and the DVD of other people playing Halo 3. We need some articles from this website more often to lighten things up around here.

paracardium3755d ago

Knowing MS this kit would be flawed somehow.They can't do anything right and the whole world is realizing this fast lol.Yes I know this a joke :)

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The story is too old to be commented.