Sessler's Soapbox: Crysis 2, Linear and Loving it.

G4: "On this week's Soapbox Adam talks about how much he's enjoying Crysis 2, how its linearity is an improvement over the first game, and yet it still allows for a lot of freedom within gameplay."

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P_Bomb2706d ago

Nothing wrong with being linear imo. Not every game needs to be open world.

BrianG2706d ago


I don't understand the hate towards linearity. One series that jumps to mind is Killzone. Everyone would always bash it for linearity, but it built story. The newest release actually opened things up a bit, with several parts having more than one path to take.

Crysis seems to have that effect through the majority of the game if not the whole thing, which I think is awesome. I'm definitely going to rent this game, which is an upgrade from not doing anything with it. That Demo was not a good portrait of what the final product appears to have become.

Bathyj2705d ago

Killzone 2 was the same. There were always different way to go in a lot of cases.

Take the stairs and go alone the top catwalk, go the side door and cut through on the ground floor, or take the trench and stay under cover.

It wasn't always like this but for a linear game there were certainly many place to experiment.

jazzybaboon2705d ago

are you kidding me bathboy? killzone2 is the most linear game i've ever played. linear but awesome.

Active Reload2705d ago

There is a difference between Linear, Soapbox and Open world.

BlackKnight2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I think people only tried to say, at least myself, that Killzone 2/3 could push the graphics higher when a game is more linear, in the sense that you cant do more than take the second floor or a different hallway.

While compared to other games like Crysis 1 and Halo Reach and so on (which are still linear compared to GTA or Red Dead) you could (Crysis 1) take a boat and drive through a huge COVE or take the ocean front on boat, OR take a hummer and drive the path to the next encampment OR walk on foot and cut through trees and so on. HUGE levels but still "linear". Same goes for Reach where you can take different CANYONS or GULLEYS to get some where, not just a hallway.

I see nothing wrong with linear as gameplay, that is a style. My point always is the more linear you get, the less the graphical load is and you can optimize more and get more bang for your buck.

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starchild2705d ago

It is linear, but it still has very large play areas and gives you a lot of freedom to play. It is sandbox gameplay in very large, detailed environments.

DeepInterludium2705d ago

The problem I think some had with Crysis 2 was that the developers chose a certain style for Crysis 1. When Crytek decided to bring Crysis 2 to consoles did they make Crysis 2 more linear because that's the game they wanted to make or was it because that was the only game they could make due to technical reasons. If the tech is holding back a developer original idea then I'm against it.

I'd also have to say Sessler is greatly overrating Crysis 1's open world nature. It wasn't an open island that you could run around in like a Just Cause. It was a pretty linear game that had nice level design because of the open vistas instead of the cramped hallways a lot of games have.

PrimordialSoupBase2705d ago

There is good and bad linear just like there is good and bad open world. Crysis 2 is leagues better, a real game, when compared to Call of Duty's stale scripted shit.

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BeastlyRig2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Crysis 2 is not a day 1 for like Bf3 though..

Oh & the witcher 2 is open world!

BeastlyRig2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


32 vs 32, 32 vs 32 tank battles, Realistic mechanics,Some maps will be up to a 1/2 mile of terrain, can order your troops & No gunning for Call of duty crowd!

newn4gguy2705d ago

How do you disagree with someone GUESSING?!?

theonlylolking2705d ago

His face at the end of the video was priceless.

trounbyfire2705d ago

WOW really

So FF13...anyone remember the sh^t that got
KZ2 ....anyone remember the crap it got
KZ3 run and gun, or use cover---- never happened i guess

my point is Linear is the most stupid term in gaming because all games are Linear even open world games.

byeGollum2705d ago

I agree that all games a linear lol even "open world" games, cause we all do the same objectives and missions anyways lol .. regardless of what route you took, someone must have done the same..

BlackKnight2705d ago

There are lots of "linear" being thrown around here.

Linear as in ability to explore?

Linear in the sense that you can't back track?

Linear in the sense of the story us unaffected by what you do?

Linear in terms of 1 world that streams or multiple levels that can only be progressed from A to B to C?

You have to clarify your "linear" talk, lol.

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