Crysis 2 - Weapons Guide

SegmentNext - "Guide to each and every weapon in Crysis 2 that you can equip in the singleplayer or multiplayer mode of the game".

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Bounkass2822d ago

Far to many guides on the net thesedays... I guess nobody can play games properly anymore. Shame.

Kon2822d ago

You can, just don't look at them.

StanLatMarveldotCom2822d ago

I don't get the hype behind this game. Seriously, the gameplay is a run of the mill fps. Why the hoopla?

huzzaahh2822d ago

Graphics whores love it and about 99% of the video game community consists of them.

starchild2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Hardly. It is NOT run of the mill by any means. Most shooters are linear whack-a-mole shooting galleries. Crysis 2 is one of the few that is not, as it gives you freedom to work out how you want to tackle different obstacles. Crysis 2 offers emergent sandbox gameplay where many other shooters only offer a straight forward linear gameplay.

StanLatMarveldotCom2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

The openness is deceiving though. I can't go anywhere I want to. I've tried making my own path and found it blocked at times by imaginary walls. It's not jaw dropping either as claimed and certainly not the best looking game on consoles. I mean, I'm still early in the game but it's not exciting for me. It doesn't askew any of the FPS conventions. I'm not at all motivated by this faceless character and the story, which is early still doesn't pull me in.

B1663r2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It is funny how the two trolls on this thread have all these bubbles and the person making the reasonable point only has one. Bubble system is obviously broken.

Edit: and wow, I am totally captivated about what is happening to my character... My name is clearly Alcatraz but every one keeps calling me Prophet

Edit: thanks for fixing my mistake.. And you are still a troll

StanLatMarveldotCom2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

@ B1663r

You mean Alcatraz right? Who is Apocalypse? Like I said, I'm early in the game still. And if he's in the suit belonging to Prophet which is supposed to be tied to the wearer symbiotically, why would anyone think it's anyone besides Prophet? Have you played this game, really?


At least I know who the character actually is. How am I a troll when you don't even know the characters name? Because I don't like the game? Bugger off!

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mastershredder2821d ago

Using the X-43 Mike at close range on a squid from behind it pretty messy. They inflate and pop with a nice gooey purple confetti shower. It was also good for finishing off those larger units after driving a couple JAWs into them.