TGV Review: Homefront (360/PS3)

Homefront‘s story is at moments a triumph, a slashy-but-interesting vision of an America that ends up oppressed and controlled — but at other times it turns out to be a damning indictment of the limitations of action games in their ability to tell story.

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Sidology2704d ago

I know 7 is a *good* score, but the general reception for this title has been "mediocre" at best.

Good thing about the multiplayer. I might get it down the line when the price drops down (some more).

Herminator2704d ago

This game always came across for me like they were trying a bit too hard. Maybe it was all the marketing.

Negadeth2704d ago

The main criticism I've heard levelled at it is that it's too short. Maybe one to pick up on the cheap later on, because other than that, the single player looks pretty ok.