No Kinect support for Bioshock Infinite, but maybe something for future

From the article at Yes, I know that some of our readers don’t like it when we report this kind of “no Kinect support” news (as was very evident here), but we still get all kinds of question about whether games will get Kinect support or not, so it does serve a purpose. The fact that Bioshock Infinite will not get Kinect support was now officially confirmed in an interview so I thought a small news item was in order. More info in the full article.

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NukaCola2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Why Kinect support?

BK-2012703d ago

This site needs to be banned on N4g, all they do is add speculation about whether a game will use kinect or not.

Istran2703d ago

You need to be banned from n4g, all you do is generalize about whether a site adds speculation whether a game will use kinect or not.

But in all seriousness, does not do this, if you go through the history of articles only a tiny fraction is about Kinect support for titles. And even then, I think the article is quite clear about Kinect support for Bioshock will not have Kinect support. Where is the speculation?

Stealth20k2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

knowbody wants lame kinect support that would make any game worse

no support=great news

shadokid2703d ago

kinda true plus how would you walk back it wouldnt make sense cause there is a limit to how ar you can walk back.

showtimefolks2703d ago

still have my copy of bioshock i don't think i will ever sell/trade it its a classic

move support seems more likely but i would still play with my classic controller

shadokid2703d ago

There wouldnt be no point anyway you would probably get 1 pound or 50p das why i got halo 3 still lool

Masterchef20072703d ago

Bioshock would be horrible with kinect.

DigitalRaptor2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Most core games would be horrible with Kinect.

That why its fanboys are talking about the unique experiences built from the ground up. That's why they try and bash on Playstation Move for having "tacked on controls" even when they work well.

Let's face it... these games still won't be any better than standard games with controller support, but hey, if they want some unique content to justify their purchase then why not...

And about BioShock - Ken Levine wouldn't downgrade his game for something as restricting as Kinect. The truly great developers ignore the gimmicks that offer no improvement or solid alternative.

Masterchef20072702d ago

I guess your right Kinect needs games in order to justify its purchase. Because it isnt cheap at all with a MSRP of 150€.

Anways for those who have it and enjoy it power to them.

But for those who defend it like crazy and want it to become a standard in the gamming industry. I would consider them gamers.

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