Crysis 2 for PC gets Day 1 patch, had no Directx 11 graphics support at launch

The unexpected news is that at the moment Crysis 2 does not yet support DirectX 11 graphics

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MegaMohsi2828d ago

Not for me, I knew this game had been consolized immediately.

imvix2828d ago

Lol its a PC game without the option to customize AA. Wasnt that a feature we got back in 98 and today in 2011 we are getting games with such basic features.

I wonder if the PC gaming community is now going to carry on using Crysis 1 as a standard benchmark, a game which most mid range GPUs play fine these days.

I guess GPU makers wont be selling too many GPUs with these sort of games coming out.

BeastlyRig2828d ago

Does it even have a benchmark??

MegaMohsi2827d ago

I'm running this on extreme settings at 1920x1080 on my i7 930 gtx 460 with an avg of 35-40fps. I couldn't max out crysis 1 with that framerate so I know it's either been dumbed down or better optimized and it sure as hell doesn't look better than crysis 1 or warhead.

DeadlyFire2827d ago

It runs DirectX 10 fine though. It might be a bit of a surprise to some. I was expecting this to be true since I heard of CryEngine 3.0. Its just CryEngine 2.0 reshelled in a new package. Now the truth is out there. :)

DirectX 11 support is likely to be added into the game and engine soon either way.

Active Reload2827d ago

What are you all comparing it to? Crysis is set in lush forest environments, Crysis 2 is set in the Concrete Jungle.

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starchild2828d ago

Yes it is consolized in some ways, but is still a fantastic game. Not being able to customize AA and other settings is bullshit though.

I hope they don't take too long with that DX11 patch. The game is gorgeous in any case.

Ducky2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Can't you force AA through the GPU's manager?

That, and I'm pretty sure someone will hack their way around it to allow people to enable/disable features. It happened with the demo as well.

imvix2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


no ones debating if you can or cant turn on AA. We know PC gamers have choices to do all that stuff.

However AA question is why all the work arounds, why isnt it in the game be default? no excuse why it shouldnt be.

Also its not just a question of AA, PC gamers generally like to tune the game to their preferance. Why are the options to tune to the game missing?

StrmKyk2828d ago

I kinda figured this sh*t too. It's insane because the graphics on the consoles pale in comparison to the PC with a updated rig. Consoles are where the money is at the moment.

tacosRcool2827d ago

The PC game of Crysis 2 is a port from the Xbox 360. Sad indeed. Crytek has basically put the middle finger in the PC gamers that helped make what Crytek is today.

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stlbeast12828d ago

wtf no directx 11 support i thought they would've been better than that

MagicGamer2828d ago

It's a quick fix for them though.

DERKADER2828d ago

They have really let down the PC community. The same community that made Crytek what they are today. But they decided this game would be a cash grab from the consoles so who cares about PC features.

imvix2828d ago

"But they decided this game would be a cash grab from the consoles".

Would have sold well on PC just like the first one, however sure selling it on 3 platforms will sell better.

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