Need for Speed ‘Shift 2: Unleashed’ Hands-On Preview [Game Rant]

Phillipe Bosher of Game Rant writes, "The word ‘Visceral’ is a often abused in the games industry. Used to describe every realistic experience in a video game since the advent of 3D gaming in 1997, it’s a term that I often attempt to sidestep when writing a preview.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Shift 2: Unleashed, there’s only one way to describe it: Unleashed is brilliantly, horrifyingly, brutally visceral."

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Miths2795d ago

"When attempting to race with extreme precision on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the title, it seemed that the analogue control wasn’t quite up to the task. Incredibly minor adjustments to the racing line were handled fine, as were extreme, last-second “Oh-blast!” swerves to either side, but anything in-between simply wasn’t as precise as one would hope in a racing simulation."

Anyone planning to play this game as a "semi-sim" (I am) will surely be using a force feedback wheel and not a gamepad?
Shift 1 played quite well with wheel and pedals (the best cars at least, it was a very uneven game with many cars that felt terrible and some that handled great), so I'm expecting the same from Shift 2.