EA Ditches Printed Game Manuals Entirely

GameDynamo - "In an effort to go green -- more likely to save some green -- Electronic Arts has announced that it is phasing out all in-box, printed manuals from retail copies of all its video games in favor of in-game digital manuals..."

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qface642524d ago

its gonna get to the point where all you get is the CD and nothing else not even a case

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2524d ago

and no print on the disc either. somebody just gets a sharpie and writes the name of the game on the disc with a smiley face underneath.

Ducky2524d ago

First they get rid of the manual, next they get rid of the disc.

zootang2524d ago

Go green, lol. Yeah, more profit! That's the only green that they care about.

Zydake2524d ago

LOL Like the borat DVD :D

But on Crysis 2 i got a manual....

PirateThom2524d ago

A laser printed slip of paper with a code to download the game.

OhReginald2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

soon we are gonna have to walk to the store, and the cashier will tell you the code and you have to remember it, because writing on paper to note things down is not allowed in order to be green.

PirateThom2524d ago

A text reminder of the code can be requested at a charge of 100 EA points.

Masterchef20072524d ago

Meh ill stick to toilet paper its a lot cheaper. Plus when your done with it you just flush it down.

thebudgetgamer2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

i remmember when games came in sandwich bags with crudely drawn artwork on a piece of paper.

sometime it wasn't artwork at all just the name in sharpie.

Elimin82524d ago

Damn!!! Sorry but how old are you?

DJZed2524d ago

Ah yes, those were the days. My commodore and Apple II were always well stocked with the best floppies -- Dr. J vs. Bird, Sword of Fargol, Karataka

thebudgetgamer2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

i'm 32

thank you.

sikbeta2524d ago

And without manuals EA can save a couple of cents XD

jbiz3202524d ago

multiplied by millions.. it adds up.

Christopher2524d ago

For most games, you learn everything you need to from the tutorial mission as it is. The only kicker is that this savings on this end is never reflected in the price of the game, only as a few extra cents in their wallets with each game.

taokaka132524d ago

I can see just DD in the future, and there is no real game stores, you just buy cards from like wal-mart and buy the games online from xboxlive/psn.

starcb262524d ago

Pretty soon you won't even get the case, just a cd sleeve.

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InfiniteJustice2524d ago

I don't really like this, open a case without a manual and it just seems empty. It's something I've always found crappy about DVDs etc

hay2524d ago

Yeah, it looks cheap. Like counterfeited music CDs.

InfiniteJustice2524d ago

There's just no weight to a case with no manual. When you get a game you've been waiting for for weeks/ months/ possibly years, and you finally have it in your hands - well without a manual it feels less like the complete package, and more like a waste of plastic with a disc in it.

Shmotz2524d ago

And so dies my memories of riding home in the car after buying a new game and reading the manual.

<3 how MGS had a comic in the manual visually showing everything you could do.

Mookie2524d ago

Ima miss that .. just brought a game and walking home or driving, bus and checking out the booklet. :( online codes and no booklets >:(

kasasensei2524d ago

The next gen will be download only anyway.
I don't care about the boxes and manuals as long as i can buy games for a reasonable price.

Mikeyy2523d ago

ISP's dissagree. 99% of the people don't have the internet speeds and bandwidth we do.

kasasensei2523d ago

Why do you think microsoft want to keep the 360 until 2015 and sony the ps3 until 2016?
Why do you think there are more than 90% with DLC?
That you can buy complete games from psn or xbl? You'll see, you'll see.
Deny it for now if you want. lol

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