Celebrating 15 Years of Resident Evil - Seven Badass Bosses

PlayStation Universe launches the first of five dedicated features celebrating the 15th anniversary of Capcom's multi-million dollar selling Resident Evil franchise. First up, we list our top seven most memorable boss battles.

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FACTUAL evidence2590d ago

Nemesis still gives me nightmares.

Jpinter2590d ago

Yawn and Nemesis were my favorites!

SynysteR2590d ago

lol I remember Mr.X, He scared the living shit out of me when I first saw him, I ran away and thought I got away safely but then he came through the god damn wall!

gaden_malak2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

In the police station. Freaked the crap out of me.

For some reason bad guys who walk after you are the freakiest.

btw - does anyone know if RE1,2,3 are on the Aussie PSN?

SynysteR2590d ago

I wouldn't know, I am in the UK and still waiting for them to release here! US Store has had them for ages :( I would buy all 3 in a heartbeat.

gaden_malak2589d ago

Same but I am thinking if it isn't in UK, it won't be in AUS

iceman28852590d ago

Mr. X was awesome.

I still remember almost soiling myself in the basement when you defeat him in the one small room, come back out into the hallway to go to the door you just unlocked only to have Mr. X's trenchcoat ass double axe handle through the wall into the hallway for another battle.

Venox20082590d ago

brrrr...! that was a thrilling nightmare :)

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