Waiting for the SOCOM 4 beta?

with the SOCOM 4 beta about to drop, this is the place to watch for the first signs of it becoming available.

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Pixelated_Army2737d ago

downloading now. the fucking update is huge! 1561.27MB ):O

Prototype2737d ago

I'm getting it slow, currently at 306.77 downloaded and that's after about 4 min with a 50 Mbps cable connection. But worth the wait once its done :D

Dart892737d ago

its already available in the u.s..

The Matrix2737d ago

I have a code that I'm not going to use...message me if anyone wants it.

BubblesDAVERAGE2737d ago

its up....and like the rest i wait

psn : Enchalottashwty

metsgaming2737d ago

next week is KZ3 codes right? Then the open beta the week after.

kingboy2737d ago

who wanna share? i'll give u killzone retro maps code in return

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The story is too old to be commented.