PS3 Exclusive Replika gets a New Site

GOS: "Biodroid Productions recently revealed a new site for their PS3 exclusive called Replika.

Replika is a hybrid of an action/strategy game with a cyberpunk setting, which features puzzle solving, world exploration, stealth based combat, and a dense storyline. You play as Replika, a cyborg who is starting to question her existence as she helps rebels battle the tyranny of the Volgan Empire."

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Bathyj2796d ago

I wonder, do androids dream of electric sheep?

Fulensenca2796d ago

Best comment of the day. Bubbles!

CharlesDCI2796d ago

Still need to read that lol

Fulensenca2796d ago

Now it's another day here where I live, and your comment is the best of the day also today :P

jc485732796d ago

she looks creepy. we need a good Ghost in the Shell game.

Parapraxis2796d ago

Getting a Battle Angel Alita vibe from the art and concept, and that is a great thing.

PS3n3602796d ago

I think they should call it something unique and as original as the concept maybe something like oh I dont know.... bladerunner?

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