End of the Week: Episode 62 Part B: Genre Defining Podcast

Part B is here! We covered Japan’s disaster briefly alongwith (the super amazing) Jimmy Wong, the IGN’s 3DS Review (and how much we hateit), an interesting situation with Dragon Age 2 and Metacritic (cause who doesn’tlove Meatacritic), the Sony Xperia Play (This costs your soul and toes), SouljaBoy’s new album 1Up (This is free), and finishing it off with David Cage being David Cage.

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TheNartist2587d ago

All seriousness, this was a great episode. Lotta Fun.

TheBlackLink2587d ago

The lol-worthy idiocy of David Cage is the basis of sheer hilarity. His quotes are almost at a Charlie Sheen level of "Wow".

Also excellent discussion of Pokemon B/W! You guys really covered a great deal of the games shining spots; and I definitely agree with Eric: This. Game. Cheats.