MS doing more Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza

Panic ye not, for Microsoft shall make more Fable and more Halo and more Forza and more Gears of War.

Forza 4 and Gears of War 3 arrive this autumn - we know that. But we've not had confirmation of a new Fable or Halo game. The last we heard about Fable was Lionhead surveying fans about which of the series' features they're fondest of. Suspicious.

Halo, meanwhile, could make a comeback via a Halo 1 remake at the hands of TimeShift developer Sabre Interactive. That's one of two projects rumoured to be under way at MS internal studio 343 Industries.

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FrigidDARKNESS2800d ago

could there be a new geow announcement at e3 or just more dlc for the upcoming games listed.

MintBerryCrunch2800d ago

if their E3 ends up being just sequels and another deal for CoD "exclusivity" i will be disappointed

i hope they take a break from kinect at E3 and show real games like the new crytek game, at least get a deal done with Epic to have them make a new IP for you

-Alpha2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

That Crytek game sounds promising.

But don't expect any breaks from Kinect! They are in full swing when it comes to pushing Kinect throughout the rest of 360's lifespan.

Pixelated_Army2800d ago

"shall make more Fable and more Halo and more Forza and more Gears of War."

I just lost it when I read this... :D more... MORE.... MOAR!!!!

CrazyForGames2800d ago

i lol at the idiots who will come in here and whine about milking and it being the same blah blah blah

i don't see how fable having 3 iterations is milking but kilzone also having 3 iterations isn't
and the list goes on

the only people who will whine about milking most likely don't even have an xbox to begin with

NukaCola2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Fable has Lost Chapters and they sold Fable 2 online in episodes. Not saying that's milk per say, but episodic selling of a game seems milkish to me.

@Crazy below

yeah not arguing or anything. i like fable, it's not as good as the hype, but better than i expected. i hope Sorcery steals some of the fable world, and incorperates it with the Move well as opposed to being a linear game.

CrazyForGames2800d ago

lost chapters is just fable 1 with a few extras no matter how you try and put it really wasn't a new game
selling fable 2 in episodes again is not a new game just a new way of releasing the game

TheDivine2800d ago

I love fable it's one of the best franchises ever and I'd welcome more especially after the poll telling lionhead what I want. I hope we see Alan wake 2 and I still hope for more mistwalker games and maybe a magna carta 3.

Active Reload2800d ago

What about Ratchet and Clank? How many games is that?

gaden_malak2800d ago

I'd say it has more to do with lack of variety than milking.

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otherZinc2800d ago

This is great!

At least its games that people want & play online all damn year.
Halo, Gears, & Fable will sell Millions.
Resistance3, Killzone3, Uncharted 3 wont come close!

The consumer will let developers know what they want!


Yeah, I know!

...Now if other Sony exclusives just don't exist. You know that Sony won't depend on 3 tittles a year to sell 10 million games a year, right?

2800d ago
The_Ultimate_Guy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

@ bishop-br

It doesn't matter if Sony has 10 exclusive games this year or 1000 exclusive games this year. It all comes down to what the consumer is willing to pay to play games they want. And looking at Sony's #1 flag ship titles, people are more inclined to buy MS's flag ship titles over Sony's in a very 1 sided way.

@ killzone3gamer

Reviews are only there as a guide to assist the customer in what to expect in a game on a visual scale. ie metacritic. Reviews take a back seat when it comes to what the consumer is actually willing to pay for a product. A game could be 10/10 on meta but if the people don't care about the game, then the sales will be low and it's the sales that will decide if it's a good franchise or not. Developers don't make games for free. Sales is a tool used to indicate the demand for that game. And it's the consumer that decides with their wallets what they feel is quality. Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable are all games that are rated HIGH on meta and have sales to back them up. Uncharted has a 96 on meta but piss poor sales considering it's a GOTY game that is a 96 on meta.

A high meta rating is good, but having a high meta backed up with large sales is even better.

winflasher02800d ago


LOL wat? Having more exclusives means having more choices. That's what gamers want. Try and ignore it all you want but you know its true. Oh and by the way, uncharted 2 has sold over 5 million. There goes your story.

The_Ultimate_Guy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

@ winflasher0

1. I agree "choice" is always good, but like I said, choice also means opportunity cost. It allows the consumer to choose game A over game B. If nobody chooses game A then what is the sense of putting in the resources to continue the franchise or support the game in the future with DLC? You seem to ignore that MS has about 10 kinect games coming out this year as well but you choose to ignore them as "exclusives". Why? because you think they won't sell or are irrelevant because some may be considered shovelware and have poor sales while directed to the "casual" demographics. So if you wanna continue with your opinion, then I can say MS has more exclusives coming out this year than Sony if you consider the core games, Kinect games and arcade games.

2. What "story" are you talking about? Uncharted 2 is a 96 meta GOTY game and is a SONY Flag ship title. Lets compare it's sales to some NON GOTY games that are Flag ship titles exclusive to the 360. And Uncharted 2 doesn't have 5 million units sold. Please provide your source that states they have 5 million sold. As per Vgchartz (if you have a better site that tracks world wide sales then I am more than happy to use it) Uncharted 2 is ONLY at 4.5 million. To keep sales consistent, I have also used VGChartz sales to represent the sales of the following 360 games listed.

Gears 2 - 6.18 million 93 meta
Halo 3 - 11.41 million 94 meta
Halo ODST - 5.87 million 83 meta
Halo Reach - 7.99 million 91 meta
Fable 2 - 4.07 million 89 meta
Forza 2 - 4.08 million 90 meta
Forza 3 - 4.80 million 92 meta

All the games I listed are NOT GOTY games nor are they higher than a 94 meta. Take a look at GT5. 84 meta and has 6.04 million sales. Reviews just give an "idea" about what to expect in a game but it is the sales that matter. Sales > reviews and there are plenty of arguments as to WHY sales are important to a gamer.

1. Can cause later support for the IP via DLC which continues the games relevance to the consumer.

2. Can prolong the IP's existence and turn into a franchise.

3. Creates a larger online community to play with thus also resulting in a prolonged community that lasts longer when other games come out.

Don't be so narrow minded winflasher0 and don't pull sales numbers out your ass when trying to present a "factual" argument.

winflasher02800d ago


I won't bother arguing with you. As a gamer, sales shouldn't mean anything. Then again your a fanboy who has nothing to argue about.

DigitalRaptor2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

So much butthurt from you Xbox fanboys, it's starting to become so clear. Why mention online as if that's all that matters? 'cause you're paying for it...?

Sales... How will R3, KZ3 and UC3 not sell millions? Care to explain? Does that really matter, or does the quality and diversity not?

@ The_Ultimate_Guy

Keep pretending like Sony's games don't sell well. They do. The only MS flagship titles that greatly outsell Sony's are Halo & Gears. And then, there's Gran Turismo...

And Uncharted 2... I'm sure it sold to Sony's satisfaction, and enough to earn a sequel that will probably sell more and be a better game (which is what matters most).

On topic: *YAWN, YAAAAWN* Wake up Microsoft. Offer something new that isn't your recycled franchises and Kinect the lame.

Yes I know Sony is bringing out sequels but at least they have diversity, original titles and new IPs to boot. And are balancing their offerings well, i.e. not putting all their eggs into one basket. The Xbox brand and Microsoft have become predictable... so predictable. And it's a shame. How is being a 360-only owner exciting anymore? Timed-exclusive CoD maps? Pffft.

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fr0sty2800d ago

of course they are, it's all they've got.

tmoss7262800d ago

I was talking to my friend who works at Epic and he said they're working on 2 games besides Gears 3. Soooo take that as you will.

Blad3star2800d ago

More Gears and Forza is very good news.

Thanks for the heads up eurogamer.

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wwm0nkey2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Well duh

Still can't wait to see what 343 has been working on for the past few years :D

EDIT: Oh also that Halo 1 remake was confirmed fake by Frankie in a recent interview.

Blad3star2800d ago

Halo CE remake would be Jizzzzzzzz.

Day 1 purchase

conjurdevil2800d ago

I want more new ip's those are some talented studios .

christian hour2800d ago

Exactly, "Panic Ye not"? This IS reason to Panic. All those series ran stale for me long ago.

Blad3star2800d ago

So MS should stop making Halo Because you got sick of it and millions of people are still buying and enjoying it.

I hope to god your never end up running a company / business.

christian hour2800d ago

Reason for me to panic, I don't also represent the millions of halo fans. What sort of absurd response was that?

Wenis2800d ago

Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, etc.

CaptainGreece2800d ago

Sony has more new franchises then Microsoft disagree all you want it is a fact.

christian hour2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Captain Greece is correct with his statement. Although the only franchise I like in that list is Uncharted 3, I didnt get what everyone saw in resistance 1 and 2, i didnt like em, and killzone 2 was impressive but I'm just so tired of realistic war shooters these days I find it difficult to play them anymore, so i prob wont be picking up KZ3. Only games I can think of that I really want this year are Portal 2, dead island, uncharted 3, skyrim, LA Noire, Journey, inFamous 2, that level 5/ghibli game and the lasst guardian. while there are others of course (like arkham asylum, gears 3(need to see its conclusion despite my waning interest in the title)) right now theyre only ones i can think of that I really want to play. oh and the rest of tell tales back to the future :P

karl2800d ago

its just sad to see how they run out of games...

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