GamePro: PlayStation Move Heroes Review

As a simple diversion for kids twelve-and-under PlayStation Move Heroes is fine. The younger crowd will enjoy the challenges, motion controls, and maybe even the horrific, over-the-top announcer. But if you're a fan of the platforming/action-adventure roots of any of the game's heroes, you'll likely be disappointed.

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killershadow1172704d ago

Why? Because Gamepro must be biased for rating the game low? It can't possibly be bad at all.

Elimin82704d ago

Tried the demo. It was CRAP! Felt like a, let's make a me too game to support the MOVE.. SMMFH at the fact that they didn't go the direction insomniac did with All 4 one... Love me some jak and daxter but com on..

My 2cents...

tunaks12704d ago

was anyone actually expecting anything from this? Poor Jack.

btk2704d ago

Will wait for more reviews. Previous Jak & Daxter, Sly and R&C games was awesome.

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