Playstation resorts to Sports Illustrated to encourage 3D adoption

J Tidwell, a corporate communications manager at Playstation has resorted to 'sex' to encourage people to pick up 3D TVs. In a post which noted 3D content for the PS3 this year, Tidwell later commented - "I think once people start to some of this 3D content (i.e. Sports Illustrated, Uncharted 3) in person…they will be amazed! "

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yewles12462d ago

They've been using SI ads since '09 (or at least earlier), why is this news now?

btk2462d ago

Because it is about to overtake XB360 lifetime sales. Excuses incoming.

TheBand1t2461d ago

So a magazine whose primary target is males has advertisements for products that are more likely to be bought by a male demographic


Objective2461d ago

Well if it is not sex then it is violence... all perfectly acceptable!

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The story is too old to be commented.