Why you shouldn’t buy the 3DS

Why you shouldn’t buy the 3DS. For those who think the opposite, there will be a counter article soon.

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drawesome232702d ago

for me no cod to launch wiht is a dissaapoiny thing

Gaming4Ever2702d ago

Call of duty? Seems irrelevant really here.

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soren2702d ago

wait its 2 bulky? lol wb the psp that thing cant even fit in a pocket and um this is the dumb ass article i have ever read
lol and psp battery aint all that better lol its low and u cant even go online with the psp only with the browser and like 3 games...

Parapraxis2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

You are running low on facts.

You can go online just fine with a psp, better than current DS models actually.
There are hundreds of PSP games, and some of the best titles are found on PSP.

As for size...the 3ds is about the same size as the old PSP.
^ go to the 2 minute mark of that video and see for yourself.
... and of course you forget about the pspgo, which is super compact.

firefoxprime2702d ago

@Parapraxis I'm sorry, but you lost me at pspgo. Go show me those hunderds of PSP games on the pspGo.

Your facts are even more flawed "sir". Honestly both browsing capabilties of the ds/psp SUCK. If you can't watch a simple youtube video on your mobile browser...then it most definetly sucks. Its 2011 man.

"and some of the best titles are found on PSP."

Which titles? It took the PSP "years" to create games that weren't lame downgraded ports of console titles and yearly sports games.

And please. Don't flash peace walker or GOW in my face. Those titles were released 3-4 years after the psp was released. Of course the DS is guilty as well. It to took years to release those solid and deep games we love on the ds.

soren2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

3ds is a lil biggert then the ds lie dude and um i said not counting browsers i was talking about online games the psp has like 1 and i think its phantasy star if im not mistaken ds pawns psp in online gameing oh and to make note the new psp is even bigger then the psp 3000 lol

Parapraxis2702d ago

"you lost me at pspgo."
Good, you only missed the last 4 words then.

You nintendo kids are always in denial.

firefoxprime2699d ago

Excuse me? Nintendo kids???

I own "both" Sony and Nintendo hardware. I own all the gameboys and a DSLite. I have a PSP2000. I also own a PS1 and a PS2(ps3 soon to come).

So don't foolishly lump me into some lame category. I've enjoyed both japanese companies software/hardware.

Maybe you are incapable of having the best of both co.'s yet I'm fortunately not chained to that ignorant mentallity of yours.

There are awesome games on both the psp/ds. Yet there are many lame ass games on "both" handhelds. So in closing, you sir are clearly a lame fanboy. Blinded and incapable of of cross content.

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eferreira2702d ago

um the psp also came out in 2005. It was pretty small for its tech. Your comparing old tech to new like the online. Psp has a lot of games that support online. Also the whole aspect of buying a 3ds is in the name. 3D. 2 hours battery life with 3d on is horrible.

eagle212702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

3DS and Ds Lite are almost same size...but I don't expect much from trolls.

3DS 5.3 inches width
DS Lite 5.2 inches width
DSi 5.4 inches width
Dsi XL 6.2 inches width
NGP 7.2 inches width and 3.25 inches!

Emilio_Estevez2702d ago

What does the PSP have to do with this?

Article is right though, I'll wait for the 2nd version and get slightly better options.

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Stealth20k2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

BULKY????????? its as small as the lite

even if the launch lineup sucks the launch window lineup is 10 times better than the ds ever was..........animal crossing,paper mario,mario kart by the end of the year? thats incredible

lol at the sony ponies

T3MPL3TON 2702d ago

I have no interest in the 3DS because I have no interest in the current blitz of gimmicky 3D. I'll wait for whatever comes after the 3DS or better yet I'll just buy the PSP2.

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