Brutal Gamer : Motorstorm Apocalyspe Review

Brutal Gamer writes:

I have a very… complex relationship when it comes to Evolution;s Motorstorm franchise. Coming from a studio I respect greatly having been formed from the ashes of the dying DiD studio (go look them up in VG history kids!). Their World Rally Championship titles were also a super series of games.

I was an early adopter of the Motorstorm franchise, and by that I mean it game with my launch 60GB PS3 console. Now I say adopter but to be honest I spent more time ripping the disc from the drive and stomping about in anger than I probably did playing it.

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redDevil872824d ago

Man all these reviews are coming out yet theres still no confirmed release date :/

dead_eye2824d ago

There was an article saying the 31st. Which is next Thursday. Strange that it isn't a Friday but then that would be 1st April and that could have it's own problems.

moosehound2824d ago

March 31st I thin khere in the UK my friend :)

redDevil872824d ago

@ moosehound & dead eye

Thanks for the info, was getting impatient lol. Got an exam on the 1st of April though :|

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paintsville2824d ago

this is a fair score. I mean there's just no way that this game will be able to live up to the 'exclusive' hype machine. Same thing happened with GT5. 5 years to develop and 60+ millions dollars with continuous patches. There was just no way that GT5 could live up to the hype.

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retrovertigo2824d ago

I really liked the original game! I should check this one out!

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