Iwata Like a 'Record Company President,' Battlefield 3 Has 'No Prayer' to Top Call of Duty

IG is back with yet another installment in our monthly Q&A column with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. With GDC in the rear-view, there's been a lot to discuss. Top of mind is Nintendo's attitude towards the mobile and social sectors. IG talked with Pachter about Nintendo's views, EA's attempt to topple Call of Duty with Battlefield 3, THQ's risky Homefront bet and more.

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donniebaseball2589d ago

Ha! Well love him or hate him, Pachter sure does provide some interesting quotes, lol.

AGamerOfConsoles2588d ago

I wish I had his job. I could make a lot of money talking out of my backside as well.

tehpees32588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The dude just keeps changing his 'predictions'. a monkey could make better predictions then this guy

MaxXAttaxX2588d ago

I don't care about "sales" Patcher!

Dart892588d ago

You can make you're backside talk??xDDDD

starchild2588d ago

Battlefield 3 will crush Call of Duty in quality. Whether more people play it or not is irrelevant.

NewMonday2588d ago

No matter how good B3 is going to be it can't beat the numbers of COD because the majority of kids can't handle strategy.

ABizzel12588d ago

Sales wise BF3 may not pass COD.

Quality wise, graphically, appreciation amongst the hardcore, it has a great chance.

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Eddie201012588d ago

He seems to be trying to manipulate the market rather than give honest predictions.

2588d ago
EVO-OM3GA2588d ago

I have to agree with him all this talk about COD Killers, gamers should stop all together if you like Killzone you like Killzone, if you Like Battlefield you like Battlefield, But there are always gonna be COD gamers, the community is BIG, the amount of money gamers make from playing games like COD is good and people generally enjoy playing them.

Think gamers need to stop flooding articles expecting COD to be something it isnt, Play the game if you like it continue playing it if you dont then bring it back simple you opinions dont matter cause gamers will always buy it.

egidem2588d ago

I don't care how much crap he actually talks. Sometimes I think that Pachter considers himself as god or something. All I know is that Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be one hell of a contender to the FPS. Sure, the next iteration of Modern Warfare will sell millions once it comes out, doesn't change the fact that I'll always chose Battlefield over Call of Duty.

EVO-OM3GA2588d ago

Fair enough, BF3 is looking good I played BF2 it was a good game but I like/liked MW2.

I am interesting to see MW3

egidem2588d ago

That's just your preference. People like Call of Duty over Battlefield, that's their choice. I'm in the vice versa group.

Surfaced2588d ago

See this is where analysts will falter. As gamers we all know CoD has been slowly stagnating. Activision's studios have been playing it too safe. Now most of the noteworthy talent at Infinity Ward is gone. So what are we to expect from this year's iteration?

Meanwhile EA is shaking it up with BF3, starting their ad campaign super early, getting everything right where Activision gets it wrong....

CoD is the more popular game, but that absolutely can change with enough factors working against it.

In my opinion, it depends on how hard EA wants to push the game's advertising come this Fall. They need to be everywhere.

EA has the cards. They just need to play them right.

cochise3132588d ago

I think EA has Activision in a check mate. BF3 seems to have this huge buzz already while we haven't heard a peep from COD. I think after the crapfest Black ops was, many people will not buy the next COD. Me being one of them.

lve2playbball2587d ago

I hate "COD madness." I've played every [good] call of duty. Let's be honest--the original COD, along with COD 2, 4(MW) and MW2) were all pretty good games. I think Infinity Ward was a good studio but they were overcome by Craptivision's bullshit. Black Ops was a joke, same old same old. HOWEVER, you cannot say that COD has been "stagnating" when Black Ops sold more copies than any other COD game. It is an unfortunate truth. I KNOW BF3 will be AMAZING, I just hope that its sales are high. I dont think they will be higher than COD, but they will be high.

citan2588d ago

His picture speaks of permanent, painful constipation problem.

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