Mad Catz Announces Distribution of SANYO Wii Charging Kit

Jon Ireson writes: "The new SANYO Inductive Charging System for Nintendo Wii can be purchased thanks to Mad Catz. Charge your WiiMotes, Mad Catz 'REACTOR' Wii Controller, and WiiMotion Plus with the ease of just dropping it onto the charger. This includes a set of more powerful batteries as well!

The specs sound great on this unit with '85% of the initial charge' still rocking hard even after a year of being used with the charger, which destroys the typical NiMH batteries ranking in at 50% during the same period of usage."

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SeNiLesBack2702d ago

Sweet... Longer battery life FTW!!

flankhim2702d ago

Mad catz and Sanyo? No thanks cheap walmart crap.

rezzah2702d ago

a little late dont ya think?