Dead Island Trailer Reflects Game - Dev

Deep Silver has denied the accusation from many observers that the eye-catching Dead Island trailer that exploded upon the internet last month misrepresents the game it was designed to promote.

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Muffin_Top2553d ago

The trailer was interesting. The gameplay screen shots don't match up too well, but why is this making such a big ruckus? A lot of game series are very well known for showing trailers that misrepresent their respective games.

What did people expect it would be after watching that trailer? It's a zombie game, aren't they all just about the same?

Scenarist2553d ago

I know one thing , I cant wait for games to look as good as trailers... i thought PS3 was going to make games look as good as the cut scenes used on ps2

maybe Dx12 or 13 will do it.... maybe next gen consoles ...

maybe not

BubbleSniper2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

huh??? you kidding?

PS3 games in-game action crap all over the FMV cutscene from PS2... and even DX9/10/11 take the ultra mega dump on what you just said..

you got a gaming rig that up to date???

i will say movements still need work to match cutscenes tho

Scenarist2553d ago

Yea I have a monster machine

and I think your eyes deceive you !

ps3 games looks great dont get me wrong

but they arent PRE RENDERED QUALITY otherwise
games would look as good as their pre rendered counter parts !

make sense ?

some stuff just cant be done in real time yet,
but are very very close BF3? obviously would still look better prerendered.

Muffin_Top2553d ago

I sometimes wonder if they already do look as good as PS2 cut scenes, but we just can't tell because when they make cut scenes the animations are super smooth because all movements are going in a preconceived direction if you know what I mean.

Also cut scenes are meant to be cinematic so the prospectives make things look better and more fluid.

Scenarist2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

better yet Dead Island trailer is the perfect example...

The trailer is simple a FMV/prerendered video
same as ps2...

No game looks that good