First actual Rayman 3D screenshots

Ubisoft has shown the first actual screenshots of Rayman running on the 3DS in its actual resolution.

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Zashule2826d ago

Looks like we're getting another Rayman 2 port. Shame really, I was hoping for a new one, I've played Rayman 2 since Dreamcast. I may have to pass on this one.

Cheeseknight282826d ago

Hmmm... seeing Rayman 2 is a *bit* disappointing but I only own it on one console, in it's original green N64 cartridge iteration. If I can ever think of a "classic platformer" on a Nintendo console outside of the usual Mario, Donkey Kong, and Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman 2 would be it.

That being said, I was very close to cancelling my 3DS order. But I may still take the dive and pick up Rayman. It's just a shame there is NOTHING else that is interesting in the lineup...

Ninjamonkey822826d ago

Ye thats just the dreamcast rayman again surely. Why they not make a new game ffs.

IaMs122826d ago

awesome game, port it im okay with but least make another one.

mastershredder2826d ago

As much as I liked Rayman, seeing yet another port is upsetting. Something fresh and original would have been nice. I hope at least the cost is minimal considering how old the title is. Heck I got it for free via gameloft on the iphone (I still have a PS2 copy somewhere too).