GameStop Launches Scorpion Mortal Kombat Ad

Realm of Gaming has posted an advertisement that GameStop is using to promote the Mortal Kombat game with their exclusive offer of Scorpion's Classic Skin.

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WetN00dle692675d ago

Cause Scorpion is a bad ass! To me he is the best character there is in Mortal Kombat!

LOGICWINS2675d ago

Honestly, he's the most effective character in the demo if you know how to use him. Some say he's a bit overpowered due to his teleportation abilities and STRONG attacks.

WetN00dle692675d ago

Ive yet to try the demo. My friend says its pretty good. Ill download it later today.

Tony-Red-Grave2674d ago

JC= badass kick combos and fast
SUB=slow and needs more to compensate
scorpion=fast cqc and punch combos

RedDead2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

My best character is actually Sub surprisingly. His ice abilties really fu** with people mind. You can trap people in corners with the clone, the freeze the ground. There's also putting people off gaurd with a clone and ice sliding him, also the R2/ground puddle move is undodgeable unless you teleport quickly.

I find Sub Stronger than Scorpion, his regular combos are but his X-RAY is way weaker than Scorp. Scorps speed is mind numbing though, his attacks happen very fast, JC...what can I say, he kicks ass aswell, his kick's are Swifty.

As for the ad...haha, I really expected Melena to rip his face off or something

InfamousHero2674d ago

the game seems pretty fairly balanced to me so far, but i have seen a couple infinite combos floating around.

karl2674d ago

HAHAHAHA.. awesome ad..

although i thought it was going to work the other way around since mileena is the one with the scary mouth

swishersweets200312674d ago

I really hope those costumes are in the krypt and the whole pre order deal is just to have them unlocked right away.