Jeuxvideo: Crysis 2 Review

Crytek little one feels at ease in the performance of linear and scripted FPS. Between blunders, IA sometimes shaky and directed both spectacular but little immersive, Crysis 2 comes out anyway its game by offering dynamic combat and nervous. However, forget infiltration. Furthermore, after a busy solo campaign, the multiplayer mode will extend the investment.

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the_kutaragi_baka2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

looks this game failed in achieving many expectations.


Convas2675d ago

Your name and comments that you post are summarily ironic.

AssassinHD2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Expectation is the leading cause of disappointment.

joab7772675d ago

Wow, I guess cod and halo are still the only great fps's.I'm kidding

Nac2675d ago

There is nothing wrong with an FPS being " linear and scripted." Ill take that iver cutscenes anyday.

Tikicobra2675d ago

So... many... Crysis 2 reviews...

aviator1892675d ago

Well, this usually happens when high-caliber games are released.

Uncharted, Gears, Halo, CoD, etc..

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