GiantBomb: Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 is dragged down a bit by a lot of relatively minor issues, but the suit really saves it, making the action a lot more entertaining than it would be otherwise. I only felt the need to spend time picking apart the graphics in this review because of what the first Crysis represents--I figure that it's pretty likely that you'll want to know how this game stacks up to the open-world and high-tech legacy of its predecessor. Direct comparisons might not be terribly favorable if you hold the first game in high regard, but when removed from that context, there are a lot of great moments in Crysis 2. The suit abilities are easy and powerful, giving you just enough variety to let you deal with encounters in multiple ways. And though you'll recognize large parts of its multiplayer design and gameplay from, well, every other shooter released over the last three years, the suit abilities add enough of a new wrinkle to make Crysis 2 stand out in an incredibly crowded field.

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