Tomb Raider Trilogy screenshots

Square Enix released some screenshots of Tomb Raider Trilogy.

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HebrewHammer2702d ago

Just picked mine up, but will put some time into the Crysis 2 campaign first. Looking great though.

3 Games, 2 are HD remakes, extra content, trophies on PSN, only $39.99 = WIN

smoothdude2702d ago

I have never played the tomb raider series before, and I was wondering how it compares to Uncharted? I need something to keep me busy until November!

Star_Waters2702d ago

this most likely wont keep you busy until november thats for sure but its still a great bunch of games, Uncharted focuses more on the shooting with added puzzles and tomb raider is the opposite

I cant wait until friday when this hits the UK

Simco8762702d ago

Pick up this game if you like Uncharted. Uncharted is basically the Tomb Raider for this generation.

Both are fantastic series

Roper3162702d ago

While I really like both series UC & TR, I prefer the emphasis on the puzzles in TR to the shooting in UC.

The original TR is still my favorite all time game.

Big_Dom2702d ago

Uncharted is more or less a poor man's Tomb Raider. The original is one of the best games ever made. The atmosphere alone beats anything the Uncharted series has to offer.

HebrewHammer2702d ago

Hey man. Theres nothing "poor" about Uncharted!

smoothdude2701d ago

Thanks guys, I think I'll give tomb raider a try. When I started playing Uncharted I felt like the shooting took away from the enjoyment of exploring (Which opinion changed as I progressed through the game) so I like the idea of a game focused more on exploration.

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fredfenster2702d ago

I'll pick this up when in the future. These HD remakes are all very entertaining. Keep em coming Sony!

MadMax2701d ago

Hmm, i wonder if the first 2 Tomb Raider games on this are ports from the 360 versions. They were HD versions of the PS2 ones and i already own all these games. Might be nice to have all 3 on 1 disc though. Dont break out the 360 very often these days.