Crysis 2 - Eurogamer review

EG writes: "If the previous 10 years of video game design were led by the characters we control, this decade is already being defined by what they wear. Not in terms of fashion; aside from the cut of Bond's tuxedo in Goldeneye, style never had very much to do with shooting games. But in terms of the performance-enhancing abilities they offer our avatars, the identity of many titles now pivots on the suits we are given to wear."

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green2826d ago

Really impressed with what i have heard and seen so far. I mostly a campaign 1st and multiplayer gamer second i have heard people say that they completed Crysis 2 SP in well over 10hours. Crytek, you guys got a buyer here.

plb2826d ago

Yeah. Nice to see an FPS with a decent length campaign.

Ghoul2826d ago

oh joy

since i start every shooter on the highest available difficulty and love to explore the scenery until i saw everything a game has to effer cisually it could take up to 20 hours for me to finish sp alone


for the record, it took me around 10 hours to complete killzone 3 for the above mentioned reasons

byeGollum2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


I also do the same, I consider that method, "playing the game properly" and not rushing through it and claiming "this game was short".

it's always double the time for me, I take ages beating my games.

Ghoul2826d ago


thats what i call gaming :)