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"Halo and Gears of War: you’re both on notice. There’s a new contender on Microsoft’s little console and its name is Crysis."

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naznatips2585d ago

Wow, high score. *clicks to read*

I'm kinda worried about this game, since it looks like a big change from the PC version. Pretty dumbed down, from what I've seen.

ssj122585d ago

So it is actually as good as the original?

bmw692585d ago

Better by the looks of things

BeardedGamerShow2585d ago

Hard to say, this is a review for the 360 version only.

bmw692585d ago

Epic score - is this the best game of the year so far?
If only Homefront had impressed as much...

kingjoker342585d ago

Best game of they year so far?
i think that belongs to LBP2.

swirldude2585d ago

The killer of PCs is back and (apparently) better than ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.