Controllers Are Here To Stay

With the release of the Wii and it's monstrous sales, the doors have been opened wide for motion gaming. It's quite possible that the success of the Wii is what ultimately lead to Microsoft coming out with the Kinect and Playstation developing the Move controller.

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MaxXAttaxX2800d ago

I just hope Nintendo doesn't go the forced-motion route next generation.
There's nothing worse than playing a game that plays perfectly on the controller itself and suddenly being forced to point at the screen to keep the f*ckin train on the track on Kirby's Epic Yarn!

Not every game needs to have motion controls, Nintendo!
Cut that sh*t out!

NoobJobz2800d ago

I played killzone 3 with a 360 controller until I got to the part where you had to turn the wheel by tilting the controller. I just played with my ps3 controller from then on.

rumplstilts2800d ago

It does improve and detract depending on if it is fitting. For example, shooting games. I really like using pointer controls for aiming. It just is more fun to me. But in hack n' slash action games, it is tiring and unnecessary.