SFX-360: Dragon Age 2 Review

It’s been over a year since we’ve tasted the goodness of Dragon Age: Origins, a title that caught us all by surprise and piqued our interest in PC dungeon crawlers all over again. A game that was met with such mixed reviews still gripped the attention of both consumers and critics alike, and the tales of Ferelden lived on long after the story was over. 70+ hour playthroughs were the norm, and it wasn’t, and still isn’t, uncommon to find your friends playing through with a second or third character. Dragon Age: Origins was a game that you loved or hated, but there was little doubt on either side of the field that DA:O had its problems. The same problems that plagued BioWare titles like Mass Effect reared their heads in Origins, and the improvement in Mass Effect 2 gave us hope that BioWare could improve the Dragon Age franchise in the same way. They almost did it.

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