Sony Making a Silver 40 GB PS3 ?

SCEE confirmed to PSNow! that the new 40GB model will have a matt finish instead of the regular glossy one we see on 60Gb and 80Gb units.

But the true surprise came when they told PS3Now! that the new 40GB will come in Satin Silver.

"Yes, the finish on the 40GB model is a satin silver whereas the 60GB has a shiny finish."

Is Sony hiding a Satin Silver PS3 from us? Or is this a simple mistake from a SCEE PR rep...?

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skynidas3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

looks really cool but what i and most of the people care is about whats inside and theres where the ps3 really deliver

Gamespot-equals-EGM3494d ago

Geez, n4g users absolutely jump on even the slightest hint of rumor.

You guys know that picture is from E3 a couple of years back right? I think the PR rep just mispoke. If it was going to be silver, then don't you think they would have said so on Friday?

More importantly why is the Australian 40gb black? Sony wouldn't make a silver one for Europe and a Black one for Australia, that would just be dumb.

See here, the Australian 40gb is black (not silver):

aslucher3494d ago

well actually Sony might do that.... Japan and Europe have white Psps and the US doesnt.... the same goes for some other colors... but i do agree with you on that they prob would have said something about it on Friday.....

secret3494d ago

Remember the benefit of black. When you turn down the lights to watch a movie or play a game, the black color blends into the night, hiding your console from view. Of course, it'll help to use a dark car tint to mask over the power led on the front. All you'll see is the picture. The console will have faded into the night.

jackfatal3494d ago

can i play my ps2 games the one on the disc(original) with the 40GB ps3?

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3494d ago


nope, they made a cheaper version without PS2 backwards compatibility. For a full BC, you have to add some extra money and buy a 60GB version. But it isn't much, if you really want it.

IMHO it's better that they took out BC to make it cheaper than that they took out WiFi or made us pay for online.

Not that I care, I already have the 60GB one.

Quickstrike3493d ago


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nasim3494d ago

Now thats what we call true marketing.

65nm CELL + RSX + a cooler ps3. truely next gen experience

Jdash243494d ago

man thats awesome, i wanted to get a silver ps3 at launch, but black is still really cool looking

xhi43494d ago

sell like crazyyy! A lower price, a mad colour and christmas games.....hell if i didn't have a ps3 i would buy a silver one! wouldn't you?

That's what i call cunning and smart marketing!

neogeo3494d ago

now people may forget that it wont play PS2 games

BloodySinner3494d ago

I won't and I'll make sure to tell my friends and everyone else about that.

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