Game Over Online: Homefront Review

Game Over Online writes "Homefront plays like it was made by somebody who doesn't understand the human concept of fun."

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UNCyrus2553d ago

This is a little harsh... 4/10 is reserved for buggy games that were forced out. That doesn't really apply here.

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CuddlySandpaper2553d ago

That's why I'm not a fan of scores. Too much focus is put on the score a game gets, but with that said I'd give this game a solid 7. It starts off strong than fizzles a bit.

KrystofKage12553d ago

A review by a troll. Reading the review was painful. Complaining about the most asinine things that no review should judge a game on, as well as complete and total lies.

Whoever wrote this probably has not entered the edge of puberty, and considers anything non-halo/CoD to be junk.

NiteX2553d ago

So you're saying they're a 360 fanboy?

KrystofKage12553d ago

I never said that, but the reviews on their website(which looks like it was designed in 1998) praise the living s*** out of every other mediocre shooter.

Considering hes lying about game plot elements and server stability, I have serious doubts the person who reviewed it even played the game, he just read other reviews.

ultimate-remag2553d ago

asinine lol king of the hill....

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