Five Things We Learned From Half-Life

Science Rules! And kills. These are amongst the valuable life lessons we learned from Valve's original masterpiece, Half-Life.

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Ducky2706d ago

Computers always explode.

Fred-G-Sanford2706d ago

The number one lesson that I learned from the Half-Life series is that Valve is slower than sheep shit. lol

HolyOrangeCows2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

And pop machines. If you hit them twice with a Crowbar.

I just played the demo a few days ago. Didn't care for the android-ish AI, you know, where everything is aimed at a corner to kill you the second you turn it (As if they were androids that could see through walls). Be it people, turrets, whatever.

LOVED Half-Life 2, though.

Corrwin2705d ago

Science is Dangerous? What?! Have you never seen the atomic bomb test videos?

It's a little sad hat somebody wearing the bare minimum in eye ware is considered a hipster. I'm fairly certain he needs those glasses.