WiredController: Homefront Review

Homefront has an amazing story that really hits close to home for Americans that makes for some brutal scripted moments, but unfortunately it does not capitalize on it’s story and the single player suffers from this. It’s almost like the game itself is a spin-off or a side mission from a true masterpiece of a story, often absent from the over-saturated first person shooter market. They barely scratched the surface in this potential of a blockbuster with big screen caliber writing and gave us a short, shallow, unsatisfying experience.

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gameguru2680d ago

i m getting this one tomorrow, hope it doesn't disappoint

Nawabi2680d ago

believe me you won't be... specially if you are into competitive multiplayer gaming

DelbertGrady2680d ago

If you are buying it solely for the SP I wouldn't recommend buying Homefront, since it's pretty crappy. BUT...if you're into BF BC 2 type of multiplayer you'll absolutely love it.

smashman982680d ago

Yea I hear this game's multiplayer is amazing I was planning on picking it up today.

JackBNimble2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

well I wouldn't call the MP amazing, there are only two game modes in MP. As for the fun factor, I personally enjoy it but there really isn't anything new here. Don't expect to be blown away by anything in Homefront, but I must admit it has grown on me a bit.

Assassin Nawabi2680d ago

yeah it grows on you, it certainly has that fun factor and mp feels a bit fresh

dragon822680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

There are more than two game modes.

FunkMcnasty2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

This is Just my Opinion here, but even if you are thinking of picking up Homefront just for the MP I'd say better off to rent it first, or at least buy it preowned if you can (so you can return for credit if you want).

I like my MP online shooters, and if BFBC2 and COD are the benchmarks for console MP shooters, I don't really feel like Homefront holds a candle to either game. there are only 2 game types.. team deathmatch and a "dominiation" style capture-and-control game. There is no "rush" or "demolition" style mode, no Free-for-all deathmatch, and no hardcore modes. There is a "battle commander" mode, but it is just a feature that unlocks with rank, that factors in to the two game types. All "battle commander" does is add a CPU battle commander for each team, who will identify skilled players on the opposing team who are threats to your teams progress. You can then hunt down the identified opposition and kill them for extra battle points. Additionally there are vehicles, however if the vehichle IS available to your team, you can choose to spawn in the vehicle, however, once you do this, you will be stuck in 3rd person view behind the vehicle and cannont dismount/get out of the vehicle until you are killed and must respawn again.

I will say that because killstreaks must be purchased with in-match earned points, and vehichle use is limited, the matches appear to be more balanced as opposed to COD/BFBC2, where things tend to get quite unfair in terms of matchmaking at times. Also, there is a whole bunch of stuff to unlock as you move through homefronts ranks (I think the ranks go to 70) pretty much everything you find in a COD game: a bunch of different gun camo's, perks, and equipment.

All in all, I thought the multiplayer was passable, but not an experience that would keep me coming back for more, as COD/BFBC2 does. That's why i say try before you buy. But beware; if you buy Homefront pre-owned, or you have a borrowed copy from a friend, you will need to shell out $10 for an online pass, to move past rank 5 in MP.