Five Gaming Franchises That Deserve A Reboot

There are some games that should not be allowed to die. They Must Live!!!

Here is a list of games and franchises that deserve to be brought back.

These days, there are a lot of game franchises that are getting reboots and/or re-envisions. Game developers and publishers understand that people will buy a game if it is something that they have enjoyed in the past, especially if they grew up playing a specific game. This is why were are now starting to see more and more game franchises get revived from the vaults of gaming’s past, and be brought to a new generation of gamers that will experience them for the first time. But are all the games getting rebooted deserve to be so? Aren’t there other games that have been long lost to the sands of time that need to be brought back into the spotlight again? I believe so, and I think it’s about time someone put them out there for everybody to see. Here is a list of five games/franchises that game developers need to give the reboot they so thoroughly deserve.

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Hitman07692705d ago

Hell yeah I would love to see this happen.

MartinGlow2704d ago

I'd love to see a continuation in the Soul Blazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma series! Extremely overlooked classics in my opinion.

Dart892704d ago

Jet force Gemini and Eeternal champions would be great i play them on my pc.

ATiElite2704d ago

Tenchu, Shinobi (a proper Shinobi) Eternal Champions, Golden Axe, and Gaiares all need a reboot.

Hey Dart89 do you play Eternal Champions PVP online! if so look me up. I not that good but i play from time to time.

Bathyj2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


BlackTar1872704d ago

Tenchu Hell yea.

and eternal champions was awesome back int he day. i actually liked the Character Design in that game.

MrKingofVideoGames2704d ago

2 titles this author claims didn't have sequels actually did- Beyond Oasis had Legend of Oasis and Eternal Champions had Eternal Champions:CD... do some research before you write an article 'fer cryin' out loud!

skyblue142132704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Excerpt from article:
"Eternal Champions was a great fighting game for the Sega Genesis and Megadrive. However, it never got a sequel following it’s release."

- Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side(sega cd) is the sequel to eternal champions(sega genesis/mega drive). Imo Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side not only made the original Eternal Champions seem abysmal at best but also made at least the mortal kombat and street fighter series seem like childs-play in comparison. Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side not only still holds up really well today but also is the best 2d fighter that I have played in my many years of gaming as a video gamer.

It is a crying shame Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side was only released on the ill fated sega cd, hopefully one day it will see a release on another console/platform. I definitely recommend Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side to anyone that enjoys a good 2d fighter. Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side definitely takes the number one spot on my list of sleeper hits.

BlackTar1872704d ago

thanks yea it was agreat game and exactly everything you said.

Well said and well put.

Hopefully but no likely it will see a re-release someday somehow/

ATiElite2704d ago

thanks for the info. I played EC back in the day and today as well but i didn't know about EC challenge from the dark side. gonna get that on my Pc.

bubbles for you.

skyblue142132701d ago

My brother had a sega cd many years ago when the console was still sold by sega, he gave my mother the sega cd and everything else with it(including the games), and in turn my mother basically let me have it and I played Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side a whole lot on an obsessive level.

At first Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side put my game skills to shame, but after spending a real long time on it I eventually started to get very good at the game and I loved every moment of it. I started going heavily in the practice mode and eventually got so good at the game I beat it multiple times.

If you thought eternal champions for the sega genesis was good you will love Eternal Champions: challenge from the dark side. I have not played the game much in years but I think soon I am going to start playing it a whole lot. I am even thinking about buying another sega cd just for this game, I will also get about 10-20 more sega cd games that are worth playing eventually. I will hopefully be getting a sega cd in the near future(GOD willingly), but in the mean time I am going play the game on the kega fusion emulator until I get a sega cd(which will hopefully be soon). Thanks for the bubbles and bubbles back at you. I am glad to have helped.

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