Kristin Perez: Hot Girls In Gaming Ep. 5 " Brains & Beauty"

Kristen Perez also known as Game Meets Girl, is one of the most talented woman to ever grace our industry.

She's a gamer, a journalist, video producer and a great debater when it comes to details in this industry.

In this video you'll see her with Olivia Munn, Jace Hall and more, the moment you get a taste of Game Meets Girl your gonna understand how powerful the female movement in this industry really is.

WATCH THE SHOW NOW and also find out what she would be like in ___?

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Hitman07692800d ago

Hell yeah, another great episode!! Kristin is awesome.

Titanz2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Who doesn't love women gamers?

MeNoRasta2800d ago

She looks nice but you cant trust a chick whos on xbl/psn unless you are with that chick 24/7. Take that from someone who knows.

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