FTG Videos Call of Duty Black Ops: Guess Who’s Back

"I am back and ready to entertain you guys and gals as much as possible with a lot of videos now that I’ve made my triumphant return. To get updated on all of said videos."- KalebKJC94

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maxcavsm2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Jesus Christ, 22-2 in Team Deathmatch? Good christ. I've never HAD a seven kill killstreak, let alone manage to wipe out the opposing team.

I apparently need to start watching this guy work more, but maybe less detail about Kaleb and a little more giving hints and tips about gameplay? :)

CaptainPunch2705d ago

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. Because 22-2 in TDM isn't hard to get. I've gotten 40+ kills in TDM.

AmigoSniped2705d ago

He is ok a little try hard

TheStonedSheep2705d ago

Brilliant, something new than the old CoD commentary.

PureDarkness2705d ago

Good commentary, and great gameplay

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