Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV Avatars Available on the PlayStation Store

RockstarGames reports: "Recently, we introduced two sets of Rockstar-themed Avatars to the PlayStation Store, available for $.49 each from the Themes & Avatars section."

They also mentioned that we will be receiving L.A. Noire Avatars very soon.

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Emilio_Estevez2797d ago

Saw an N4G member with one of those yesterday and was wondering how he got it. Now I know.

anthem2797d ago

I wish I could make my own avatar

Christopher2797d ago

Won't happen. They don't want inappropriate images being used and visible to children. Parents would blame Sony for it and it would be a PR nightmare. Especially since the images are also visible via the web on their site and portable trophy ids.

user83971442797d ago

I want God of War 3 avatars! Im tired of having the dead rising 2 zombie avatar. I want Kratos!

zootang2797d ago

You do know there is a free Kratos head in the standard avatar folder?

IllusionRSN2797d ago

I'm looking forward to the L.A. Noire Avatars!

Rynx2797d ago

Wow this is getting tagged as 360?

IllusionRSN2796d ago

That's been taken care of.

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