Ready at Dawn crafting new IP for consoles — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Yearning for new game properties? Get ready. Ready at Dawn, developer of PSP's God of War titles, is working on a brand new intellectual property "for the home console.""

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Vegivo2499d ago

SWEET!! i always wanted them to do a console game. Okami Wii port doesnt count! ;p

GameTavern2499d ago

After playing Okami Wii it REALLY doesn't count.

zootang2499d ago

Are they not doing Uncharted PSP/NGP?

sinncross2499d ago

No they are not, that is Sony Bend.

But this news from Ready At Dawn is a little old. We've known since Ghost of Sparta launched that they had a new IP in the works:

Alexrubens2499d ago

They killed it on PSP, hopefully they can keep it up.

LightofDarkness2499d ago

Cool, let's see how these guys do when they have to create their own game from the ground up.

Should be interesting to see if they stick with what they know and go epic a la GOW, or if they go in an entirely different direction in order to separate themselves and showcase their abilities as a flexible developer.

They've had 2 games understudying a very successful archetype, that's bound to leave them with some pretty quality experience.

Neo Nugget2499d ago

Great news! Looking forward to it :D

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