game-sait: nVidia launching new flagship GPU on March 24th

This announcement comes nearly 2 weeks after the release of AMD’s flagship GPU/GPU’s the Radeon 6990...

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Kakkoii2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

The website speculation that it could possibly be a GTX 590 seems unlikely, since Tom in the video states it's the "next generation" GPU. And when Nvidia or ATI say that, it pretty much always means a new architecture or refresh. Plus the fact he said they have been working on it for over 2 years, which they wouldn't do for just a dual GPU version of their top GPU. A typical new GPU architecture is worked on for a few years, with the first 1-2 being design, and then another year for prototyping and refining before ramping full production.

But anyways, it will be interesting to see what this is. Nvidia has been making a lot of strides in general computing with GPU's. So it's always exciting to hear of a new architecture from them.

ATiElite2826d ago

Most sites say it's 2 GF110 with the full 512 cuda cores running at 600-630mhz 3420 mhz memory clock 2x384mb interface 3GB GDDR5 ram and TWO 8 pin connectors. Rumor is Nvidia is targeting $700 price tag (yeah right)

but will have to wait till midnight the 24th

ATiElite2826d ago

Most likely a paper launch or very limited supply as Nvidia has been doing that a lot lately.

Either way very excited to see if Nvidia can beat the HD 6990 without making a card that cost $1100.