Sony redates MotorStorm: Apocalypse for 31st March in UK

SCEE has confirmed to Strategy Informer that it will release MotorStorm: Apocalypse in the UK on 31st March.

It was recently delayed due to the earthquake that hit Japan, and Sony was "very conscious of the parallels" between the crisis and the game.

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stonecold32706d ago

its already out here in australia went to my local gameshop and they were already selling it already

Joni-Ice2706d ago

So when will the Game Stop demo be active?

thor2706d ago

It's already been shipped so it's no surprise that some shops have been selling it. Glad the delay isn't too long.

kenpachi2706d ago

Tesco sold to me on Friday hehe

InfiniteJustice2706d ago

That's much closer than most people anticipated, great.

Thecraft19892706d ago

It has been sold everywhere over here in uk for last couple days.

sackgirl2706d ago

Few friends of mine have the game for 2 weeks or so, lol

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