FTG at PAX East 2011: JforJade with Child of Eden Interview

"Got a chance to chat with friend of the site and newest Ubisoft Fragdoll cadette Jade about my demo time with Child of Eden on the main stage at PAX East 2011. As you’ll see, it’s kinda tough to come up with questions about a shooter where all you do is raise your hands…that being said, I can’t imagine just playing Child of Eden with a controller. Hell of a lot more fun using Kinect (I can’t believe I’m saying that!)."- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck2554d ago

I love your video interviews Six. Maybe the podcast should do a live video feed?

maxcavsm2554d ago

Man, my arms got tired playing the demo, and that was only ten minutes of the game. For not having a lot of Kinect was a surprise!

AmigoSniped2554d ago

These girls were awesome to talk to

TheStonedSheep2554d ago

Shame I don't have Kinect, ah well.

PureDarkness2554d ago

gaaahhh women... :P
Good interview

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