Sentinel Gets Nerfed Big Time in Latest MvC3 Patch

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "And it’s about damn time he did too! For those of you who hated Sentinel for being an overpowered game ruining piece of shit, you can now rest easy knowing he’s taken quite a hefty nerfing…"

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DeleteThisxx2589d ago

Sentinel is NOT hard to kill...if you're good. This nerf was mostly to prevent his assist spam which WAS annoying. Unlike before, if Sentinel gets hit while assisting he CAN get killed quite easily.

AGamerOfConsoles2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Seriously he has plenty of weaknesses.

But now they are only going to find other ways cheat.

Baka-akaB2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

and i'm sure it still will for you in 20 patches , but good to know

Baka-akaB2589d ago

The point isnt that sentinel was the strongest (hardly) . The point is that he was too useful/ressourceful on his own , and as an assist .

Pretty much every competitive team had him , even as only assist .

Now he'll still be super effective , wich shouldnt be killed , but will be far less rewarding

9thWonder2589d ago

even tho he has been nerfed down probably wont solve the other issues such as that ridiculous bounce combo where some one bounces u in the ground and continue a combo but in total ppl are still gonna cheat but at least this is one problem eliminated now for the others long health killing combos, and spectator mode along with other things

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