Madden NFL 12 Debut Teaser Trailer

First look at some of the features in Madden 12 with small glimpses at the game.

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GiggMan2680d ago


I guess you could call that a trailer...

kalebgray922680d ago

they used the inception trailer music.... except that trailer was epic this was the same meh

TooTall192680d ago

I would have never expected them to make Madden 12. I wonder if this one will be different.

SKUD2680d ago

LMAO. WAT was that?.

Raven_Nomad2680d ago

I miss ESPN NFL 2K series :(

Madden is the same thing every year and this year we might not even have football....Stupid lockout.

Darkspade2680d ago

Teaser trailer was worthless = madden 12 will be worthless

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The story is too old to be commented.