NVIDIA: 'Consoles are stable but static'

Nvidia’s senior corporate and Tegra PR manager Bea Longworth believes that consoles do have the advantage in terms of their stability but are static as compared to a gaming PC.

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dangert122587d ago

Thing is these gays can say what they want but neither
the xbox 360 ps3 or pc is pushed to the limit on the majoirty of games that come out for it
i want to see a high level of game released quality shell i say on ps3/360 before devs etc start talking about how weak and consoles and pc's are the majorit of devs still making shit ps3 games i mean home front for ps3 could look so much more better and still perform well not sure aout the 3690 so i won't go there

Johandevries2587d ago

yo dude, yeh, every1 at nvidia is gay

Active Reload2586d ago

I really do believe he meant...guys.

Seferoth752586d ago

I'd buy that if A and U were anywhere near each other on a Keyboard.

dangert122586d ago

lol don't watch that i often make imple spelling mistakes not paying attetion theres no need to call them gay XD i did mean guys bubbles to the guy who corrected instead of point and blaming etc

ATiElite2586d ago

I'm a ATi fanboy and your first post was correct. lol

Gigabyte SOC 560 GTX Sli FTW! I prefer ATi but got a great deal on two 1ghz 560 gtx and couldn't say no.

Equinoxe_72587d ago

Not if it is ice, just joking :P

nolifeking2586d ago

ice is still wet genius.

Johandevries2587d ago

It's funny to see AMD make some cautious comments, and later on a bit less cautious comments, and now the comptetition cannot refrain from jumping in

byeGollum2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Stable means all my games will run without much hassle
Static means I can't upgrade the hardware

I got a gaming Pc tho.. //i don't game on it// yet

Equinoxe_72587d ago

bla bla bla, i can't afford a gamer pc every second year.

imvix2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

If you think you need to buy a PC every second year, you are doing it wrong.

Infact the premium you pay to buy games on console more then makes console more expensive then PC.

Ninja-Sama2587d ago

They just don't know :)

Steam is awesome btw, just saying.

ChickeyCantor2586d ago

Steam is awesome.

Years back I kept paying for hardware for little extra performance. But back then hardware was expensive as hell. So i gave up on that.

Now I got myself a decent pc that can run games on 1080p ( I don't need more, my 52" won't go beyond that LOL) without any problem.
I started buying more PC games than console games.
I'm playing Games on my HD-tv (trough HDMI) with Gamepad. And I already know that I do not have to upgrade it until a couple of years from now.

Can't wait for Mass Effect 3....on steam....with discount LOL.

Johandevries2586d ago

bla bla bla secret mission nuclear base

jakethesnake2585d ago

Then don't get one every second year. Or, but a regular PC for productivity (work, web, etc etc) put a $150 video card in it and voila. You are good for several years without forking over for an overpriced gaming PC. It won't be as powerful as a high tier PC, but it'll destroy any console.

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The story is too old to be commented.