Why BioWare’s MMO Venture Should Be Mass Effect

Matt Randisi writes, "First off, I’d like to dispel any preconceived notions that I am against the concept of an Old Republic MMORPG. Though I have not been an avid MMO player since kicking World of Warcrack last year, I am among those who have been looking forward to crossing lightsabers with my fellow gamers in a massive online world. The Knights of the Old Republic titles of yesteryear, accompanied by Baldur’s Gate and Jade Empire, are the games that solidified my faith and fandom in Bioware as an RPG-centric studio. The point I mean to illuminate here is not to look down on the decision to put Star Wars on the frontlines for an MMO project, but that choosing Mass Effect instead would better serve Bioware."

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Chaostar2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I think the backing of the Star Wars license would be much more beneficial to the devs than Mass Effect. Both great universes but Star Wars is kind of a big deal.

Cade2705d ago

Star Wars being the safe choice is right, and for good reason. Knowing how different things might be post ME3's release can't be said for now, but I do agree that the ME universe is all but tailor made for a great MMO.